Something happens when we pray:

Powers of evil lose their sway,

We gain strength, and fear gives way–

Therefore, let us pray.



Good Morning, God!

You are ushering in another day

Untouched and freshly new

So here I come to ask You, God,

If you’ll renew me, too,

Forgive the many errors

That I made yesterday

And let me try again, dear God,

To walk closer in THY WHY …

But, Father,

I am well aware

I can’t make it on my own


For I can’t WALK ALONE!

Helen Steiner Rice


We Thank You Father

We thank You Father God,

For all the blessings you have given

Fathers throughout their lives.

We ask you to continue to strengthen

Them in their everyday challenges.

We ask you to guide their decisions

In the way of the righteous

To help them be better men,

To help them

Forge mighty families,


To help them

Grow closer to You Lord.


Debbie T. Alsup


Loving Gentle, Loving Strong

Lord teach me to love gentle,

Give my heart a tender touch,

Help me show the warmth I feel

To those I love so much….

Lord, teach me to love strong and firm,

To guide, to understand,

To be patient and forgiving,

To reach out a helping hand…

Lord, teach me how to practice

All the many aspects of

The gift of gifts You gave us —

The precious gift of love!

Alice Joyce Davidson