Poem for Dads


Fathers are for talking with,

For words that guide and cheer,

Fathers are for walking with,

For always being near,

Fathers are for caring,

For being strong yet gentle,

Fathers are for sharing

When you’re feeling sentimental,

Fathers are for standing by

Through every kind of strife–

Fathers are for giving faith

That lights your way through life!

Alice Joyce Davidson


Design For Living

Whatsoever things are lovely

Live them in your heart,

Whatsoever things are just

Is man’s noblest art,

Whatsoever things are honest

Let every man embrace,

Whatsoever things are pure

Lend beauty to your face.

If there be any virtue,

If their be any praise

Think of these things …

Let them design your days.

Harriet Knight Salvage


Some Folks

Some folks

are so nitpicky,

not looking from within


oh so superficial,

they miss so many friends.

So many opportunities

to help,

encourage and love.

Oh no

not you.

You see the beauty

of possibilities

in all God’s children

from above.

You always

Bless them



everlasting love.

Happy Father’s Day.

Debbie T. Alsup