Master Gunnery Sergeant

Master Gunnery Sergeant
“My Dad is a Master Gunnery Sergeant
in the United States Marines,”
I tell my friends,
with extreme pride and honor.
When I grow up,
your boots I’ll closely try to fill,
like you,
I’ll be a
“Master Gunny”
like you,
I’ll try to fit the bill.
Happy Father’s Day Dad.
We miss you!
I look forward to the drill.
Debbie T. Alsup

God’s Favor
Your honors well deserved
A man of Godly words,
for nation and of home
to all of us you belong,
when situations seem hard
because of you I forge on.
Happy Father’s Day Dad
God’s Favor and Blessings
To You Belong.
Debbie T. Alsup

Dear Dad,
Stern words were how you threw,
Respect was always due,
Walk right,
Prayer tight,
God’s protective loving arms
Steering you
to guide us
with His might,
Happy Fathers Day Dad!
I now understand
more your plight,
I pray God’s Angels carry
Love and Kisses
To you
onĀ  the battlefield tonight.
Debbie T. Alsup