To My Husband

Morning Prayers

I awoke one morning

Like so many others

Lying next to you.

To my surprise

I felt your hand on my head

And heard you praying to God

For my strength,

My good health,

My long life,

My happiness,

My joy,

My prosperity…

My heart melted,

I fell in love with you

Again and again.

Oh, you great man of God,

I pray daily,

All the same for you

As well.

I Love you so much.

Happy Fathers Day!

Debbie T. Alsup


Before The Early Rise

Sensuality with you

starts in the morning,

before your early rise,

I stare at you

and pray your name

to God beyond the skies,

I thank Him

for the blessings

He’s given me and you,

I thank him

for your courage,

strength and endurance too,

I thank Him

for your laughter

and the reading of His word,

which has instructed both of us

how to act,

no matter what

destructive words

from friends or family

we may have heard,

I thank Him

for your personality,

that fits me to a tee

You’re handsome body,

your perfect smile,

you fit me perfectly,

Sensuality with you

starts in the morning

before your early rise.

Debbie T. Alsup

Your Words

Your words of wisdom,

Are pearls of delight,

It refreshes my soul,

To hear them

Each day

And each night.

I love You,

Happy Father’s Day!

Debbie T. Alsup



Like God

You’ve been a Loving Father

Like Him

You’ve been a Forgiving Dad

Like God

You’ve been a Foundation Builder

Like Him

You’ve been a Great Provider

Like God

We’ll Love You Always

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Debbie T. Alsup


You Are Awesome

You are an Awesome

Man of God my love,

The peace and power you walk with

are Blessings from God above,

I thank Him and you

for being my husband,

my kids father,

my friend,

my love.

Happy Father’s Day!

This day

And Everyday!

Debbie T. Alsup



Because  God made you compassionate

Because  God made you courageous

Because  He made you loving

Because  He made you wise

You’ll always be the man in my eyes.

Happy Father’s Day!

Debbie T. Alsup

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