I Salute You

I Salute You
A fight without hesitation
A will to match a wit,
A battle for a new generation,
You are my hero Dad.
Such dedication,
I salute you,
For our family and the nation.
Happy Fathers Day!
Debbie T. Alsup

Someone said,
“A hero is not just a sandwich.”
They must have known
a man like you,
to his service and family,
staunch in all you do.
I’ll take the Hero,
divide and multiply
to share with millions of great Dads
who don’t get their piece of the pie,
but who are always standing by.
Happy Father’s Day Dad,
You’re our hero,
We salute you
like the 50 stars
13 stripes
flying high  against the sky.
Debbie T. Alsup

A Better Dad
Your vow to be a better Dad
than some you have known,
Has rung fulfilled
in many ways
and grows
and grows
and grows.
Even though
there are miles between us,
Obeisance is always due.
Happy Father’s Day Dad!
Our love, prayers,
hugs and kisses
Are always with you!
Debbie T. Alsup