Fathers Day Wishes

Just A Dad
Sometimes it’s seldom said,
“Father, you have been a mom
not just a Dad,”
Hard times
we had,
but barely knew,
You did not give us up
but brought us through,
now and forever,
we love you.
Happy Fathers Day.
Debbie T. Alsup

Nobody Seems
Nobody seems
to talk much about the Dad
whose essential to the plan,
to map the world around us
to make me a better man,

to glance at me to order
my steps to the degree,

Nobody seems
to talk much about the Father
who soon someday I’ll be.
Happy Father’s Day Dad
Love You!
Debbie T Alsup

A Better Dad
Your vow to be a better Dad
than some you have known,
Has rung fulfilled
in many ways
and grows
and grows
and grows,
Even though
there are miles between us,
Obeisance is always due.
Happy Father’s Day Dad!
Our love, prayers,
hugs and kisses
Are always with you!
Debbie T. Alsup