Adviser or Advisor

Adviser or Advisor
No matter how it’s scribed
orated or pronounced
adviser or advisor,
your ruling influence surmounts.

The Queens Color Squadron
The Kings Royal Guards
Your honorable position
like those
never charred,

Loyalty of service
to family, work and God,
Adviser or advisor
from you I’ll heed your stride.
Happy Father’s Day Dad.
Debbie T. Alsup

My Adviser
It’s true my friends influence
may touch some of what i do,
but my biggest influence will always be
my adviser
my confidant
my Dad,
Love you.
Happy Father’s Day
Debbie T. Alsup

To My Adviser
Your advice i hear most ardently
like a gentle thunderstorm,
when i am burdened with a problem
senses dulled from the norm,
to awaken any hour
with a lightng flash so bright
“Be wise my child in all decisions
God’s favor your delight,
Make good decisions
good things will happen for you,
today, tomorrow a fortnight.”
Thank you Dad for all your advice.
Happy Father’s Day!
Debbie T. Alsup




















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